Write as decimals

If you say a number in the form of a decimal, like. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to convert one to the other, and vice versa. This page will help you convert between fractions, decimals, and percents, so that you can express your numbers however you need to. Remember that a fraction indicates division.

Write as decimals

Interpret each of the following statements. A mortgage interest rate is 6. A CD earns 2. Each of the problems involves percentages, which are a very common method for stating ratios involving monetary values.

Remember, in our last lesson, we stated that a ratio is a comparison of the relative size of two numerical quantities. A percent is a special type of ratio where the second value is always That is, a ratio compares numerical quantities in terms of the number of parts out of Note that the word percent is a statement of a ratio relationship and English "per cent" is derived from Latin "per centum" which means "per hundred".

We use the root cent in many words in the English language. A century is years. A cent is a penny which is one hundredth of a dollar. When we have 17 parts out of or part to whole ratio Self-Check Problem What percent of each figure is shaded?

Fraction to Decimal Calculator

First Grid Second Grid Third Grid Rewriting a Percent in Fraction Form To change a percent into a common fraction, rewrite the percent as a ratio in fraction form, that is, and then simply the fraction.

Again we use the definition of percent and write the ratio in fraction form, but note that the numerator contains a decimal in terms of tenths. To eliminate tenths and change the numerators to whole numbers, we use ten as a multiplier and then simplify the fractions.

Note that the values and in the examples above are not in the form of common fractions.

write as decimals

We needed to multiply by to simplify each fraction since Rewrite and as common fractions. Again we use the definition of percent and write the ratio in fraction form, but note that the numerator contains common fractions or mixed numbers.

We use an appropriate multiplier and then simplify. Here are some basic percent-fraction equivalences that should be memorized for use with mental estimation. Self Check Problems Rewrite each percent as a common fraction.Decimal Number Line - Online Games At Softschools.


Decimals Math. To link to this page, copy the following code to your site. To convert a decimal that ends into a mixed number, we first write the number in front of the decimal point. Then, for the fraction part, we look at the part after the decimal point.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Recognise the equivalence between fraction, decimal and percentage forms of one half, quarters, tenths and hundredths. Buzzmath is currently not available for your mobile device.

Visit our support page to see which devices we support. Have any questions? We're here to help! Contact us anytime. Fraction to Decimal Conversion Tables Important Note: any span of numbers that is underlined signifies that those numbes are repeated.

For example, signifies Only fractions in lowest terms are listed. For instance, to find 2/8, first simplify it to 1/4 then search for it in the table below. This product now contains 2 different place value charts. The first chart contains Millions thru Thousandths place value.

The second chart contains Millions thru Ten Thousandths.

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