Saint valentines legends

It is believed that there may have actually been two possibly even three different men named Valentine or Valentinus. Due to the same name, their identities have merged into one identity that we collectively refer to as Saint Valentine. It is not easy to separate the stories as they often end up overlapping one another. One of these men, as legend has it, dared defy the order of Emperor Claudius II.

Saint valentines legends

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Saint valentines legends

Americans will dole out countless Valentine's Day paraphernalia today, a good portion of which will be in the shape of hearts. In an "Explainer" column printed last year and reproduced below, Keelin McDonell attempted to track down the origin of the Valentine's Day symbol and explain how it got its familiar shape.

It's Valentine's Day, and as usual, people are presenting their loved ones with heart-shaped cards, candy, and trinkets. How did the heart shape become the symbol of true love? Advertisement Nobody's quite sure, but it might have to do with a North African plant.

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During the seventh century B. Although it wasmostly used for seasoning, silphium was reputed to have an off-label use as a form of birth control. The silphium was so important to Cyrene's economy that coins were minted that depicted the plant's seedpodwhich looks like the heart shape we know today.

The theory goes that the heart shape first became associated with sex, and eventually, with love. The Catholic Church contends that the modern heart shape did not come along until the 17th century, when Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque had a vision of it surrounded by thorns.

This symbol became known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and was associated with love and devotion; it began popping up often in stained-glass windows and other church iconography.

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But while the Sacred Heart may have popularized the shape, most scholars agree that it existed much earlier than the s. Less romantic ideas about the heart-shape's origin exist as well. Some claim that the modern heart-shape simply came from botched attempts to draw an actual human heart, the organ which the ancients, including Aristotle ,believed contained all human passions.

One leading scholar of heart iconography claims that the philosopher's physiologically inaccurate description of the human heart—as a three-chambered organ with a rounded top and pointy bottom—may have inspired medieval artists to create what we now know as the heart shape.

The medieval tradition of courtly love may have reinforced the shape's association with romance. Hearts can be found on playing cards, tapestriesand paintings. Hearts proliferated when the exchange of Valentines gained popularity in 17th-century England. At first the notes were a simple affair, but the Victorians made the tradition more elaborate, employing the heart shape in tandem with ribbons and bows.

Why do we single out Feb. It's said to be the day St. Valentine, a Roman priest during the third centurywas executed. Legends about Valentine vary.

Some say he was killed for illegally marrying Roman soldiers; others claim it was for helping Christians escape punishment at the hands of the pagan emperor. Just before his death, it's believed that he sent an affectionate note to the beautiful daughter of his jailer—the very first Valentine.

Got a question about today's news? This piece originally misspelled the name of the ancient city-state that traded in the plant silphium. It is Cyrene, not Cylene.Saint Valentine’s day falls on the 14th of February, which happens to be today.

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FREE Movies and FREE Shipping. Continued from St. Valentine’s Day (1): Satanic Origins. We have discussed the satanic origins of St. Valentine’s “Occult” Day in Part 1.

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In Part 2, we will learn what the origins of the heart symbols we see everywhere on and around St. Valentine’s Day. Traditions: Inspired by an early champion of true love, Valentine's Day is linked with legends of Saint Valentine, and widely celebrated with cards and gifts that come straight from the heart.

A History of Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's day is a jumble of traditions, beliefs, and celebrations that has come to us from a distant past. It is celebrated on February 14th because it was upon this day that Saint Valentine was supposed to have been executed for performing marriages. According to legend, in order "to remind these men of their vows and God’s love, Saint Valentine is said to have cut hearts from parchment", giving them to these soldiers and persecuted Christians, a possible origin of the widespread use of hearts on St.

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Where does the ubiquitous Valentine's heart shape come from?