Persuasive essays physical education in schools

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Persuasive essays physical education in schools

Which species belong where in a globalized world? Overview As globalization makes us more connected with people and places around the world, what happens to natural ecosystems, species, and cultures?

How have humans reshaped the world? In this quest, you will consider these questions in the context of fire ants, kudzu, raccoons, parrots, and pigs--all on the move in our globalized world. Artifacts Create a plan for handling or managing a controversial species Course: Social Science What is the value in seeing nature as the enemy?

What happens when humankind loses in the fight against nature? Explore texts, ideas, and historical events, all of which depict humans and nature in a struggle against each other. Love Not War What do you do when you believe those with power are using it for something that is wrong?

Overview We often come across things in our daily lives that do not seem right to us. War is one of those things that many feel this way about.

Throughout most of American history, people have actively supported the government and the military in times of war.

Research how Americans reacted to the war in Vietnam, and connect that to similar movements in the US today. Artifacts Create something that could be used to support a modern protest movement that interests you Course: Social Science Evaluate arguments made for and against different forms of authority.

Are the arguments good? How can they be used as evidence? Land Art What is the relationship between art and nature? Overview Nature often inspires art, but what happens when artists use nature to make their art?

In this quest you will look at some works by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. From fallen trees to piles of rocks, Goldsworthy's pieces make his audience think about the relationship between art and nature, and humans and nature.

Artifacts Create an art appreciation for a work by Andy Goldsworthy. Reading, Writing, Thinking Explore the ways writers and thinkers have championed a positive relationship between humans and nature.

What do we gain when we work with nature, and, in some cases, view ourselves as the enemy?Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela.

Persuasive essays physical education in schools

Physical education if often given a secondary place in the educational services of our schools, but we all know that it is an essential component of childhood development and should help build a solid foundation for a healthy adult life.

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