New 7 wonders of the world outline

On July 7,Petra won a spot in the popularity poll, led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and organised by the New7Wonders Foundation based in Switzerland, out of 21 finalist ancient sites across the globe, and became one of the New Seven Wonders. The lit candles covered a distance of around 12km, said Farajat, adding that the number of candles was the highest in the history of Petra, which is often lit with candles for night tours or special occasions. The site was open free of charge for all visitors from 8:

New 7 wonders of the world outline

From over participants representing over countries and through a national qualification and race to become one of the Top 77, as well as the recommendations of the Panel of Experts led by Prof.

Federico Mayor, the list of 28 "Official Finalist Candidates" was determined.

New 7 wonders of the world outline

Voting until Novemberduring which time the New7Wonders World Tour planned to visit each of the finalists to allow them to present themselves to the voters across the globe.

Although New7Wonders is a non-profit organization that under US law has absolutely no disclosure of accounts, many activities related to administering voting and other logistical duties are run by the for-profit organization New Open World Corporation. In South Korea, over the past four years, millions of Koreans and non-Koreans at home and abroad were encouraged by the central and Jeju provincial governments to make phone calls to vote and help the island win the designation.

Employees of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province of South Korea made hundreds of millions of international phone calls to ensure Jeju island was selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature in a worldwide poll.• What we'll do Petra – Jordan (1 of New 7 Wonders of World) is a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan.

The city is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system.

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Another name for Petra is the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved. The New York Times presents the New Seven Wonders of the World in video "Experience these majestic sites during moments of solitude in video," is how The New York Times introduced readers to its interactive feature titled The New Seven Wonders of the World', which was compiled by Veda Shastri, Guglielmo Mattioli and Kaitlyn Mullin.

Oct 04,  · (Thesis) This is a wonderful reason to create a new list for a new 7 wonders of the world. Not only are the older ones lost to modern society, but the interest in man made wonders has lessened.

This is a great opportunity to get people today excited about the amazing things human beings can create with their Resolved. The New Seven Wonders of the World.

New 7 wonders of the world outline

New Seven Wonders of the World From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the New 7 Wonders Foundation list.

For other uses, see Wonders of the World. New Seven Wonders of the World was a project that attempted to update the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World concept with a modern list of wonders. Along the bottom of the map are images of the major wonders of the world including a cross-reference to the location of each on the map.

This vibrantly colored physical map of the world will look great in your home, office, library, or classroom. Ten years after the public voted for the new wonders of the world, 7 Wonders Day wants to inspire people Ten years ago, the world’s public voted on created the new 7 wonders of the world.

Now the organisation behind it has announced a global 7 Wonders Day to encourage people to take a more active role in preserving their heritage.

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