Java vs net programming

Updating the Comparison between Java and VB. NET In the past six years two languages have emerged on the computer scene and have quickly risen to dominating positions in software development - those languages are Sun's Java and Microsoft's Visual Basic. But what makes Java and Visual Basic compelling?

Java vs net programming

NET[ edit ] The Mono project aims to avoid infringing on any patents or copyrights, and to the extent that they are successful, the project can be safely distributed and used under the GPL.

Java vs net programming

On November 2,Microsoft and Novell announced a joint agreement whereby Microsoft promised not to sue Novell or its customers for patent infringement.

NET landscape started to change inwhen Microsoft decided to open source many of its core. NET technologies under Apache License[6] with even more donated to newly formed. NET Foundation in NET compilersF functional-first language compiler, [8] and many more. Sun Microsystems was also slow, in the eyes of some,[ citation needed ] to promote Java to developers and end users alike in a way that makes it an appealing choice for desktop software.

Even technologies such as Java Web Startwhich have few parallels within rival languages and platforms, have barely been promoted. It attempts to achieve improved performance and visualization of Java desktop applications by relying on underlying native libraries where possible.

Java vs net programming

With the integration of. NET into the Windows platform. Mono is also becoming more common in open source and free software systems due to its inclusion [12] on many Linux desktop environments. Server applications[ edit ] This is probably the arena in which the two platforms are closest to being considered rivals.

Java, through its Java EE a. Java Platform Enterprise Edition platform, and. NETcompete to create web-based dynamic content and applications.

Both platforms are well used and supported in this market. Specifically, at least one current license for an Oracle Java EE development package contains the following terms: However, a cross-platform free software ASP.

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Google adopted a customised virtual machine called Dalvik to optimise the execution of Java code for mobile devices. Java ME is made up of various profiles that are subsets of the Java desktop environment with additional libraries targeted at mobile and set-top-box development.

Java ME has a very large base within the mobile phone and PDA markets, with only the cheapest devices now devoid of a KVM a cut down Java Virtual Machine for use on devices with limited processing power. Java software, including many games, is commonplace. While many feature phones include a JVM, they are not always heavily used by users particularly in South Africa.

Initially Java applications on most phones typically consisted of menuing systems, small games, or systems to download ringtones etc.

Some of these are written in Java, although how often phone owners actually use them is probably unknown. Microsoft currently ships the.

Microsoft also provides the. NET Micro Framework for embedded developers with limited resources. Alternatively, Novell licenses embeddable versions of Mono to 3rd parties to use in their devices, and Xamarin commercially distributes the MonoDroid and MonoTouch framework for Android and iPhone development, respectively.

Developing Java programs with the JDK

Home entertainment technologies[ edit ] Java has found a market in digital television, where it can be used to provide software that sits alongside programming, or extends the capabilities of a given Set Top Box. TiVofor example, has a facility called " Home Media Engine ", which allows JavaTV software to be transmitted to an appropriate TiVo device to complement programming or provide extra functionality for example, personalized stock tickers on a business news program.

A variant of Java has been accepted as the official software tool for use on the next generation optical disc technology Blu-rayvia the BD-J interactive platform.

This will mean that interactive content, such as menus, games, downloadables, etc. NET as its flagship development platform [20] by including the. Microsoft also distributes the Visual Studio Express development environment at no cost, [21] and the Visual Studio Community development environment at no cost, with limited use for organizations.

NET and Mono can be developed in C or any other. NET programming interfaces have been implemented or are under development in Mono, [31] but each environment includes many components that have not been implemented in the other.

If Java is not installed on a computer by default, it may be downloaded by the user as a Web plugin. The Web plugin process has been criticized because of the size of the Java plugin.

Unlike other plugins, the Java download is a full runtime environment capable of running not just applets, but full applications and dynamic WebStart apps.


Because of this, the perceived download footprint is larger than some web plugins. However, compared to Java, other popular browser plugins have larger sizes: At the JavaOne event in May Sun announced that the deployment issues with Java would be solved in two major updates during the lifespan of Java 6 the changes will not be held over to Java 7.C# vs.

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It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview . What's the rationale behind the javax package? What goes into java and what into javax?

I know a lot of enterprise-y packages are in javax, but so is Swing, the new date and . Java They often go head-to-head in the programming world, so when it's time to find a developer, it's up to you to decide which you want to use. Here are some similarities and differences to help you decide.

Core Java tutorial: This tutorial will help you learn Java Programming in a simple and effective manner so you won't face any difficulty learning Java.

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