James earl jones biography

His father Robert Earl Jones was a boxer, actor, and chauffeur. The move proved traumatic for the young Jones, and he developed a stutter.

James earl jones biography

James Earl Jones Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

Others know his sonorous bass voice as the most menacing aspect of the evil Darth Vader in the blockbuster film Star Wars. James Earl Jones fits all these descriptions and more: Jones has worked steadily for decades in a market that supplies little hope to black performers.

Having first established himself as a serious dramatic actor, he has never balked at the so-called "low brow" pursuits of television and popular film.

His resume includes Othello as well as television episodes of Tarzan. With film appearances ranging from the classic Dr. Strangelove to the forgettable Conan, the Barbarian, Jones admitted in the Saturday Review that he takes roles to surprise people—including himself.

During a career that began in the late s, James Earl Jones has struggled to define himself not as a black actor, but simply as an actor. In an effort to resist stereotypes, he has opted for maximum variety, but each new part bears his particular, memorable stamp. In Newsweek, James earl jones biography Kroll called Jones "the embodiment of the living paradox that informs all great acting: Ruth Jones soon followed suit when she found tailoring work that kept her separated from her son for long periods of time.

Born during the Great DepressionJones remarked in Newsweek that he realizes economic circumstances forced his parents apart. Still, he said, the abandonment hurt him deeply. As a youngster he hunted, fished, and performed various farm chores. Jones acknowledged in Newsweek that the move north helped him to escape "a certain self-castration" common among Southern blacks at the time, but he did not adjust easily to his new surroundings.

He developed a stutter and eventually found communication so difficult that at certain periods during grammar school he could talk only to himself or his immediate family. The problem followed him to high school, where one of his English teachers suggested he memorize speeches and enter oratorical contests.

It seemed an unlikely way to cure a stutter, but it worked for Jones. Slowly, wrote Michelle Green in the Saturday Review, Jones "became such a skilled speaker that he began besting his voluble opponents.

At first he took acting classes simply as a sideline, but he soon switched his major to theater. When he was 21 years old, and a junior at Michigan, he traveled east to New York City to meet his father.

James earl jones biography

They had only spoken briefly on the telephone several times. He spent much of his stint in a rigorous ranger-training program in the Colorado mountains and was set to reenlist in when his commanding officer suggested that he taste civilian life before making a long-term commitment to the armed services.

So Jones moved to New York City and enrolled in further acting classes. Two things helped ease his decision: Jones lived with his father for a time, and the two supplemented their meager acting incomes by polishing floors in Off- Broadway theaters.

In the younger Jones earned his first professional role in an Off-Broadway production of Wedding in Japan. He made ends meet by renting a cold-water flat on the Lower East Side. Even as a journeyman actor, Jones proved willing to try any role, no matter how small.

Before long he was given more prominent roles, culminating in his performance as the lead in Othello —one of a staggering 13 plays he appeared in that year. Othello ran for a year Off-Broadway with Jones in the lead. In the mids Jones began augmenting his theater work with television parts. Army, ; became first lieutenant.

Jones wanted the part desperately. He was ultimately awarded the part, and the show opened on Broadway on October 3, The Great White Hope was a success, and its reception propelled Jones to stardom. Jones won a Tony Award for his contribution to The Great White Hope, and he was nominated for an Academy Award in when the play was made into a motion picture.

The instant celebrity brought Jones a new awareness of his limitations. He gave a memorable level of malevolence to the half-man, half-machine villain Darth Vader in all three Star Wars films.

In Jones appeared on Broadway as Othello to standing ovations. He also portrayed the villain in the film Conan, the Barbarian. To critics who faulted him for taking roles in substandard films, Jones had a simple reply:James Earl Jones’ first introduction to the semi-professional theatre was a casting call for a campus production of The Birds by Aristophanes.

Intending to read for one of the minor parts, Jones was surprised when he was asked to audition for, and was later . James Earl Jones was born on January 17, , in Arkabutla, Mississippi. His father, Robert Earl Jones, a boxer and actor, was largely absent from his life growing up. At an early age, Jones was.

James Earl Jones is an American actor who is probably best known as the voice of Darth Vader from Star Wars and Mufasa in The Lion King. Childhood and Early Life James Earl Jones was born on 17 January in Arkabutla, Mississippi.

James Earl Jones was born in Arkabutla, Mississippi, on January 17, , to Ruth (Williams) Jones (–), a teacher and maid, and Robert Earl Jones (–), a boxer, butler, and chauffeur who left the family shortly after James Earl's birth. James Earl Jones was born on January 17, in Arkabutla, Mississippi, USA.

At an early age, he started to take dramatic lessons to calm himself down. James Earl Jones is a versatile actor who over a career spanning more than half a century has won many prestigious awards for his acting skills. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & schwenkreis.com Of Birth: Arkabutla.

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