Increasing company strength through wellness

Drives business productivity through engaging wellness programs that encourage employees to live their best life. Creating a wellness culture demonstrates to the employees their wellness is important to the organization which encourages them to be more loyal to the company, increasing efficiency, productivity, and reducing turnover.

Increasing company strength through wellness

By Scott Foster Nov. For worksite wellness programs to be effective, the vast majority of your employees need to participate. Otherwise, non-participants will develop health conditions faster than those who do participate. These strategies will help improve participation and engagement among employees.

Many of your employees need to choose between paying the rent and going to the doctor. As a result, preventable health screenings and visits have noticeably declined and related catastrophic conditions are on the upsurge. Providing these services during work hours without forcing them to give up breaks, lunch, or paid time off is another great way to encourage participation.

Make it convenient for employees Convenience is one of the biggest predictors of wellness program participation. A key best practice is to make the healthier choice the easier choice.

So, perform coaching and health screenings onsite and allow appointments.

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They will participate, however, if they get a definitive benefit from doing so. Educate them about the Affordable Care Act and about their preventative care benefits.

The majority of your employees are still unaware of their modifiable health risks such as blood pressure and cholesterol measurement. Then take it one step further and offer encouragement such as bonuses, gift cards, merchandise, money, paid time off, and health plan premium reductions as further incentive for participation.

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Private settings also encourage employee honesty and more open conversation regarding medical issues as opposed to health fairs or cattle call type programs. To further promote privacy and ease employee concerns, partner with a wellness provider that has an excellent reputation.

Increasing company strength through wellness

Set aside space for the screenings, give them the time they need to participate in the screenings, and invest your time and attention to the health and wellness of your employees. A supportive culture does make an impression and will encourage participation. Once you put these strategies into play you should see employee engagement in your wellness programs rise quickly.

Increasing company strength through wellness

Remember to keep the focus on employees and the potential benefits the program offers them. Foster has developed award-winning, results-oriented strategies to fix wellness programs and measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions.

A native of Michigan, Richard also worked in Washington state as a reporter, photographer and editor at the Anacortes American.To receive optimal results from your company’s wellness program, you need to have a participation rate of at least 80 percent. Without employee participation, your wellness program isn’t going to accomplish your goals or improve the health and associated costs of your workforce.

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Increasing Company Strength Through Wellness Grand Canyon University LDR The company that I will be speaking of is my current employer Grand Canyon University. My official position is Director of Performance Athletics and the Recreation Center.

My main function is to lead the training of the 22 intercollegiate athletic teams. Wellsource is a great company for corporate wellness.

Recognized as a Fit Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association and a longtime WELCOA member, Wellsource has been helping organizations and individuals understand the connection between lifestyle and risk factors for preventable disease for nearly 4 decades.

Employers are becoming more and more conscious of the fact that a crucial part of a company’s success is its employees’ overall wellness.

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Strength Master aims to help people follow through their workout routines by integrating both hardware and software to provide an all inclusive solution to health and wellness.
More and more companies are finding that healthier employees are also happier and more productive.
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The economy can be questionable, unemployment rates can be all over the place, and health insurance is always a stressful topic for many Americans and small business owners.

Healthy employees will be more productive, take fewer sick days, and likely have a more positive outlook on their lives and jobs.

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