Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay

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Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay

Now — this is strictly my opinion — but, yes, biking in Los Angeles IS the worst. I say that as someone who has used my bike as my main mode of transportation since I moved to L. Your own mileage on a bike, and opinion, may be different.

Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay

Year after year, I've heard city officials say they're committed to projects that make the streets safer. Pedestrian deaths were up in Despite that, supporting changes to roads in neighborhoods can be politically risky. I definitely don't feel safer. Here's why I think it might even be a little worse than when I first moved here.

I bike down Spring Street, which is a one-way. When I first started biking this street, here's who was supposed to be where: On certain days I definitely thought, "I may be testing out my health insurance today. So I believe it when people who are newer to cycling tell me they're afraid.

That's where this Main and Spring Forward project comes in. The first phase was completed last month, and officials "remixed" those lanes on Spring Street between 3rd and 9th streets.

Now, it runs like this: Bikes are protected from other lanes of traffic by that line of parked cars.


These new bike lanes are about as wide as a car. That means drivers find their way into the bike lanes. Cars at night on Spring Street in downtown LA.

The cars on the right are parked legally. The cars on the left are blocking the new bike lane. Others are driving down it like they discovered a "secret" lane of traffic. I have also witnessed a lot of cars parked next to the curb in the bike lane. I don't think it's percent drivers' faults.

The signage doesn't do a very good job of indicating what is and is not allowed. It would probably help A LOT if the lanes were painted green to show they are meant for bikes and not cars.

But they are not. The reason seems particularly L. A deal was struck between the city and the film industry after Hollywood folks argued it was too difficult to take the green lanes out of the frame in post-production.

Then there's the other problem. I hate crossing all lanes of traffic to switch sides for just 6 blocks. On Spring at 2nd, the bike lanes are still on the right-side of the road. At 3rd Street, bikes have to cross diagonally through the intersection to get to the other side.

They are protected with their own personal stop light, but just last week I was almost hit by a white van.LOS ANGELES >> The city and county of Los Angeles and the cities of Santa Monica, Santa Ana and West Hollywood were among three dozen jurisdictions filing a court brief Wednesday in opposition to.

Bicycling Magazine has declared Los Angeles the worst city for bikes. It's right.

Hazards threatening the city of los angeles essay

During the last five years, there were over 23, verified violent gang crimes in the City of Los Angeles. These include homicides, nearly 12, felony assaults, approximately 10, robberies and just fewer than rapes.

It is the policy of the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department to maintain a safe and healthy work environment as is reasonably feasible for all employees. Los Angeles Is the Worst Bike City in America.

As Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco become safer and friendlier cities for cyclists, L.A.

Earthquake Risk

is letting the cars win. Earthquake Hazards and Risks. Earthquake Risk. like San Francisco or Los Angeles, California, indicate that a magnitude > earthquake would cause between 3, and 13, deaths.

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