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Download full report Download tables Highlights The outlook for global oil demand growth is largely unchanged at 1. Oil demand is slowing in several non-OECD countries, as the impact of higher year-on-year prices is amplified by currency devaluations and slowing economic activity.

Eia report

While the export decline is quite large WoW, it is likely a correction from the previously inflated levels from the VLCC and suezmax tanker loadings. Distillate demand has dropped for a 3rd consecutive week but remains tight within its 5 year range. Distillate inventory is now below the 5 year range, which is due to high distillate exports 1.

Export to Mexico has been consistently higher and marking new records. With crude imports into the region being lower by kbpd, the large build could be explained by the drop in Cushing inventory that is ultimately moved into PADD 3 and ready to be consumed and also exported.

Last week EIA reported their weekly US imports from Nigeria being the lowest point in 20 kbpdhowever on average inthe level of imports from Nigeria have been around kbpd.

Eia report

So the rebound in PADD I stock this week can be attributed to a return to normal import levels of Nigerian crude; recall that a few weeks ago West African cargoes were struggling to find buyers and likely saw their prices decline to attractive levels for the US to replenish PADD I stocks and can expect consistent import levels in the coming weeks.

Lower 48 has once again increased WoW by 24 kbpd and this marks the 19th consecutive week that it has increased since the start of the year.Beatrice Decommissioning EIA Scoping Report April Page vi Term Explanation JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee km kilometre: 1,m, equivalent to nautical miles.

WHAT IS EIA? Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical examination of the effects of a project on the environment. An EIA identifies both negative and positive impacts of any development activity or project, how it affects people, their property and the environment.

Eia report

Traders are going into today’s U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) weekly storage report a little nervous. The longer-term picture looks bullish because of worries about stronger. Our latest joint report with the Independent Forest Monitoring Network in Indonesia (aka JPIK) reveals systematic and extensive encroachment into forests as well as .

1 day ago · A new Energy Information Administration (EIA) study concludes that U.S. petroleum refineries would have “no problem” meeting a requirement to produce gasoline with a higher minimum octane rating (95 Research Octane Number, or “RON”) beginning in , and assumes that refiners would not use more ethanol beyond current levels to meet such an octane standard.

The EIA released its weekly Natural Gas Storage Report today, outlining how national natural gas stocks have changed in the last week. In total, the EIA reports natural gas stocks rose by 51 Bcf.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report - EIA