Crocs case analysis

Investigations turned up nothing--until a team of chemists from a nuclear weapons lab got involved. They shot through two sets of double glass doors, veered to their left, and parked her in a small curtained space marked trauma room one.

Crocs case analysis

Video of a jumping crocodile at Adelaide River Saltwater crocodile sunning itself Estuarine crocodile tracks in East Timor Large saltwater crocodile in park The saltwater crocodile is one of the three crocodilians found in India, the other two being the more regionally widespread, smaller mugger crocodile and the narrow-snouted, fish-eating gharial.

The saltwater crocodile also persists in bordering Bangladesh as does the mugger and gharial. Saltwater crocodiles were once present throughout most of the island of Sri Lankabut remain mostly within protected areas Crocs case analysis as Yala National Parkwhich also has a large population of mugger crocodiles.

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In northern Australia which includes the northernmost parts of the Northern TerritoryWestern Australia, and Queenslandthe saltwater crocodile is thriving, particularly in the multiple river systems near Darwin such as the Adelaide, Mary, and Daly Rivers, along with their adjacent billabongs and estuaries.

In Australia, the species coexists with the smaller, narrow-snouted Johnston's or freshwater crocodile C. The Alligator Rivers in the Arnhem Land region are misnamed due to the resemblance of the saltwater crocodile to alligators as compared to freshwater crocodileswhich also inhabit the Northern Territory.

They are also present in varying numbers throughout Crocs case analysis Bismarck Archipelagothe Kai Islandsthe Aru Islandsthe Maluku Islands and many other islands within the region, including Timorand most islands within the Torres Strait. This species has not been reported in the wild for decades in most of Indochina and is extinct in Thailand[62] Laos[63] Vietnam[64] and possibly Cambodia.

However, it is also the least likely of crocodilians to become globally extinct due to its wide distribution and almost precolonial population sizes in Northern Australia and New Guinea.

Chiropodist Tenterden - Podiatrist in Tenterden, Kent, Sue Ferguson,

The saltwater crocodile has been long extinct in China, where it inhabited the southern coastal areas from Fujian province in the north to the border of Vietnam. This species is also reportedly extinct on LombokKomodoand most of Java.

The saltwater crocodile is also present in very limited parts of the South Pacificwith an average population in the Solomon Islandsa very small and soon-to-be-extinct population in Vanuatu where the population officially stands at only three and a decent but at-risk population which may be rebounding in Palau.

They once ranged as far west as the east coast of Africa to the Seychelles Islands. These crocodiles were once believed to be a population of Nile crocodilesbut they were later proven to be C. On the island of Mindanao the species is present within the Ligawasan Marsh and adjacent waterways in the southwest of the island and also within the Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary in the eastern portion of the island, where in September a This species is also reported to be found within the mangroves of Languyan Island of the Tawi-Tawi province southwest of Mindanao and within the mangroves of Del Carmen municipality on Siargao Island northeast of Mindanao.

On Luzon Island the species has been reported from three areas in the northeast: On the island of Palawan the species appears to remain within only the southern portion of the country and in recent years, attacks on humans have occurred within the Rio Tuba area near Bataraza on the southeast coast and from near Rizal on the southeastern coast.

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The species is also reported to be present within the islands of the Balabac Strait between the island of Palawan and the Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah. The status of the species within Naujan Lake on the island of Mindoro is unclear; crocodile eye-shines have been spotted in recent years and these are believed to belong to the saltwater crocodile, but it is unknown whether a viable population remains.

Because of its tendency to travel very long distances at sea, individual saltwater crocodiles have been known to appear occasionally in areas far away from their general range. These crocodiles did indeed migrate south to the island from northern Queensland during the warmer wet season and presumably returned to the north upon the seasonal temperature drop.

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Despite the surprise and shock within the Fraser Island public, this is apparently not new behaviour, and in the distant past, wild crocodiles had been reported appearing occasionally as far south as Brisbane during the warmer wet season.

Saltwater crocodiles generally spend the tropical wet season in freshwater swamps and rivers, moving downstream to estuaries in the dry season, and sometimes travelling far out to sea.

Crocodiles compete fiercely with each other for territory, with dominant males in particular occupying the most eligible stretches of freshwater creeks and streams. Junior crocodiles are thus forced into the more marginal river systems and sometimes into the ocean. This explains the large distribution of the animal ranging from the east coast of India to northern Australiaas well as its being found in the odd places on occasion such as the Sea of Japan.

Like all crocodiles, they can survive for prolonged periods in only warm temperatures, and crocodiles seasonally vacate parts of Australia if cold spells hit.Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites.

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She was previously a reporter at the Dallas Morning News. Q2: Use the FCF Valuation Template below to modify the analysis in the case, Ex. 6 (incorrectly labeled Ex. 5), calculating and defending an estimate of Crocs value. Soln: The preferred method to determine a company’s going-concern value by .

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Crocs case analysis

Easter's End In just a few centuries, the people of Easter Island wiped out their forest, drove their plants and animals to extinction, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos and cannibalism.

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