Compensation structure of ufone

A human resources leader he has been associated with the telecommunication industry for over ten years particularly with organizations like Mobilink and Ufone. During the course of his experience he has brought together cohesive and effective teams and contributing to organizational performance through talent and cultural interventions. Currently Zulfiqar is overseeing the complete HR portfolio at a strategic, nationwide level with one of the leading private sector telecommunication operators Ufone in Pakistan.

Compensation structure of ufone

Revision of compensation is based on total pay and monetization of benefits. Employees are compensated and trained that is why people love to work in UFone as their motto is: How is work distributed and carried out here?

Who makes the decisions? How are they made? Do you have an opportunity to provide input to how to improve work here?

Compensation structure of ufone

The meeting of regional heads takes place on regular basis at their headquarter as well as in zonal and regional offices. At regional office regional manager perform management by walk he himself observe and tried to identify bottlenecks. Strategic decision making is done in head quarter where decisions like advertisement campaign, budgeting and planning new services and tariffs are decided after getting necessary input from regional offices.

Regional offices ensure that policies are properly implemented in their territories and proper follow up is taken. Khubaib said that he gives his input frequently in the meetings. How does the organization deal with work priorities? So, their main work priority is customer care centers efficiency and effectiveness.

When customer approached them they ensure that how customer is attended, served and satisfied or not. How is information shared within the organization? Do you get enough information when you need it?

What could be done to improve information flow here? U-Fone is centralized in terms of its information management system. They are using a web based operating system in which information is gathered, processed and utilized.

There are certain web portals for communication of executives. Their information management system is efficient, flexible and readily available which makes employees more productive.

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However some employees are given on job training so that they may get real time experience of how to do a task. Where as other routine works are done through standardized methods whose information is given through training sessions.

What kinds of things get in the way of doing you doing your best work? These factors could be monetary benefits and appreciation of ones work from the top. Monetary benefits include incentives, bonuses, salary increment etc. Whereas non monetary factors include promotions, certification, job security etc.A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1): If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication service provider in Pakistan with employee strength of around and million customers. PTCL. FPSC FIA Assistant Director Legal Assistant Director Investigation Written MCQs Exam Syllabus Assistant Director (Legal) (BS), Federal Investigation Agency, Ministry of Interior.

View from HRM at Temple. Compensation Structure Development BY: Documented by: Bilal Ahmed Bilal . human resource practices at ufone. History of HRM Department. Ufone’s human resource department is in the head office, which is in Jinnah Super, HR department of Ufone is functioning very efficiently, there are in total nine employees in which there is one head who is the Human Resource Manager, Arif.

Published: Thu, 09 Aug This study attempts to develop the effect of work motivation on job satisfaction on two big mobile telecom organizations zong and ufone.

Working at PTCL: Reviews | HR Executive Recruitment at Ufone Before recruiting a new employee, management checks whether there is a need to hire a new employee for that particular job or whether it can be incorporated into an existing employee s job. Recruitment in Ufone may be of internal or external nature.
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