Appraising employees at the san diego zoo essay

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Appraising employees at the san diego zoo essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This year it is beginning to implement a new web-based appraisal system that is centered around employee accountability and will include pay increases based on merit.

I feel that the structure of the new system will be very beneficial for both the company and its employees. Reviews were inconsistent, with some employees going years and even decades between being reviewed. Tim Mulligan, who is the current director of Human Resources for the company is working on implementing a new web-based appraisal system focused on employee accountability based on the organizations strategic plan.

The new format will be rolled out as a part of management review this year and will include all exempt employees as well beginning next year. This new format is based on two categories; goals and leadership competencies and will include mid-year appraisals along with the end of year appraisals.

Appraising employees at the san diego zoo essay

The previous performance appraisal system, or lack thereof, that the San Diego Zoo had in place most certainly needed a face lift. Reviews were inconsistent and lacked any system in place to back up the results.

Employees would sometimes go years in between appraisals and when they were reviewed there was no follow up from the HR department. They were also not used to determine anything like pay increases.

With this lack of substance, consistency, and follow up I feel that the old system was essentially worthless and a change was long overdue. Choosing to go to a web-based performance appraisal system was the right move for the San Diego Zoo.

This system can be more cost effective for the company along with allowing it to frequently update its appraisal process. It also allows for more timely feedback and efficiently eliminates a lot of the paperwork involved.

Furthermore I also agree with the decision to begin with the management and proceed with all other exempt employees at a different time. With as many employees as the organization has it would be a rather daunting task to begin this system with everyone at once. This will allow for management to become properly trained in the process before administering these appraisals themselves.

The main aspect being the one on one communication between the supervisor and employee. The organization must be responsive to the possibility that appraisals can initiate unnecessary competition among employees and managers. Overall with the system in place the San Diego Zoo should see increased output from its employees.

The midyear and year end reviews will allow for ongoing dialogue and training. Determining pay increases from this review process will also provide incentive for employees to do well at their jobs in order to receive a higher raise at the end of the year.

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