Anna heringer thesis

Since then, Heringer has further developed her award-winning approach based on the use of local materials and labor in several projects and workshops in Asia, Africa, Europe and the US, as well as in her teaching as visiting professor at Linz, Stuttgart and Vienna. SYNOPSIS Anna Heringer in this lecture stresses that architecture is a tool to improve lives, not only by providing roofs over peoples heads but to provide an architecture that contributes to dignity, a benevolent society and to cultural diversity.

Anna heringer thesis

An example of sustainable architecturethe project received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture innot only for its simple, humane approach and beauty but also for the level of cooperation achieved between architects, craftsmen, clients and users.

'METIschool' Rudrapur, Bangladesh | Scholenbouwen

Inafter graduating with a thesis titled "School: Unable to find suitable local expertise, Paul Cherwatigga of Dipshikha appointed her Anna heringer thesis architect for a project to build new classrooms for the village school with a mandate to make use of local materials.

Heringer began her involvement by coordinating fund-raising with the German NGO, Shanti, which had initially introduced her to Dipshikha, successfully raising the USD 35, needed for the project. The construction was completed over a period of four months from September to December As a result of improvements to the bamboo structures and lashing, it was possible to add a second storey to the building.

Brick foundations were used to minimize the effects of moisture on the earthen walls. The bricks were made by local craftsmen while the remaining construction work was a collaborative effort by the architects, teachers, students and locals.

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The classrooms on the ground floor are enclosed by a mud wall while those on the first floor have slatted bamboo walls providing diffused light and natural ventilation. The regularly spaced vertical bamboo support connected to horizontal slats create a powerful decorative effect enhanced by the sunlight.

In regard to the use of bamboo, progress was made in constructing a layered ceiling of bamboo sticks, bamboo boards and earth, and in building the first floor walls and roof with a frame consisting of beams four layers of joined bamboo sticks and vertical and diagonal poles. There was special mention of the way in which "easily available local materials" had been used "to create a new model for school construction that is beautiful, simple and humane.

Reference was made to a "new handmade approach to sustainable building" under which local materials are used by local laborers "who learn new construction methods, offering an elegant alternative to the trend toward buildings made from western materials such as cement and steel.


Strategic Planning in Bangladesh"J. Retrieved 12 March Retrieved 7 March In architecture student Anna Heringer and several of her classmates at Kunstuniversität Linz conducted a comprehensive analysis of the civic and economic .

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Anna heringer thesis

It's easy to find them when you know how and this hub shows two sim. PRECEDENT ANALYSIS Participation. Abdelhalim Ibrahim Abdelhalim Cultural Park for Children - Anna Heringer METI School Bangladesh - The METI School, Rudrapur (), architect Anna Heringer The METI Handmade School, a primary school for students located in Rudrapur in northern Bangladesh, was built with the assistance of local craftsmen making use of traditional materials, primarily mud and bamboo.

Anna Muset Cabada: Earthen construction is like home made food – takes time to prepare.

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So they don‟t opt for a longer/ time taking process Mr. easy and fast servable. EARTHEN ARCHITECTURE IN CONTEMPORARY SCENARIO Anna Heringer As an architecture student, Heringer designed a school for Bangladesh as part of her master’s thesis, then, after graduation, located there to build it.

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