Agriculture in the uae

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Agriculture in the uae

The growth of India's agriculture sector during the 50 years of independence remain impressive at 2.

Agriculture in the uae

About two-third of this production growth is aided by gains in crop productivity. Indian agriculture has attained an impressive growth in the production of food grains that has increased around four times during the planned area of development from 51 million tons in to The growth has been really striking since sixties after the production and wide spread usage of high yielding varieties of seed, fertilization, pesticides, especially in assured irrigated areas.

History Over the 10, years since agriculture began to be developed, peoples across the world have discovered the food value of wild plants and animals and domesticated and bred them.

Primary importance of these are cereals such as rice, wheat, barley, corn, and rye; sugarcane and sugar beets; meat animals such as sheep, cattle, goats, and pigs or swine; poultry such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys; and products like milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, and oils.

Fruits, vegetables, and olives are also an important category of agriculture products; feed grains for animals include field corn, soybeans, and sorghum. Modern agriculture in India primarily depends on engineering and technology and on the physical and biological sciences.

Irrigation, drainage, conservation and sanitation, each of these stages are essential in successful farming, and require specialized knowledge and expert skills of agricultural engineers.

Mechanization, the spectacular characteristic of late 19th and 20th-century agriculture, has eased much of the backbreaking toil of the farmers.

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More importantly, mechanization has considerably increased the farm efficiency and productivity. For example, the country is second largest milk producing country in the world.

The agricultural sector in the country is known for its high degree of product diversity. The complementary nature of a number of important Indian agricultural products, in comparison to those produced in west and other countries, provide India considerable export opportunities to these markets.

At present, the Indian agriculture industry is on the brink of a revolution, which will modernize the entire food chain, as the total food production in the country is likely to double in the next ten years.

According to recent studies, the total turnover of Indian food market is approximately Rs.

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The other salient features of the Indian agro industry, which have the capacity to lure foreigners with assuring benefits are the aqua culture, deep sea fishing, milk and milk products, meat and poultry segments.

This drop in share of agriculture in total exports was somewhat misleading because agricultural products, such as jute and cotton, which were exported in the raw form in the s, have been exported as cotton yarn, fabrics, ready-made garments, coir yarn, and jute manufactures since the s.

The composition of agricultural and allied products for export changed primarily due to the continuing increase of demand in the domestic market. This demand cut into the excess available for export in spite of a continuing desire, on the part of government, to shore up the invariant foreign-exchange shortage.

In FYtea was the major export by value. Oil cakes, cashew kernels, tobacco, raw cotton and spices were about equal in value but were only one-eighth of the value of tea exports.

By FYtea was still a major export commodity, however rice, coffee, fish, and fish products came close, followed by oil cakes, cashew kernels, and cotton.

In fish and fish products became the main agricultural export, followed by oil meals, then cereals, and then tea.


Excellent export prospects, competitive pricing of agricultural products and standards, which are internationally comparable have created enormous trade opportunities in the Indian agro industry. Exports of Agricultural products Major Export Markets Major destinations for export of Indian agricultural productsinclude - Product.The Arab Agricultural Revolution is the transformation in agriculture from the 8th to the 13th century in the Islamic region of the Old agronomic literature of the time, with major books by Ibn Bassal and Abū l-Khayr al-Ishbīlī, demonstrates the extensive diffusion of useful plants to Medieval Spain (), and the growth in Islamic scientific knowledge of agriculture and horticulture.

Agriculture in the United Arab Emirates, including fishing, was a minor part of the UAE economy in the early s, contributing less than 4 percent of GDP. Since the formation of the UAE, the availability of capital and the demand for fish production have encouraged agricultural development.

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UAE’s agricultural strategy on track UAE’s dependence on imported food and agricultural products comes as no surprise despite the efforts to develop its own agriculture sector. This is the reason the UAE has been investing abroad, primarily in African farms but in European, Asian. Chairmans Message In the name of Allah The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Keeping in view the countless hours spent on researching, thinking, bringing the ideas and helping, I would like to start this by congratulating everyone to our Afghan Business Council.

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