Africa business report lerato mbele south

On the 1st of January many babies were born and other significant incidents happened. The photo of the 1st baby born in the Western Cape appeared the 1st working day newspapers. However, Noxolo Noxiwas the 1st lesbian to be killed out of homophobic hate crime by a man who wanted her to be with a man and not a woman. The funeral could only take place 20 days after her brutal murder because friends and organizations assisted her mother to give her a respectful funeral.

Africa business report lerato mbele south

To her and her husband's relief, their insurance covered the entire bill.

Presenter of Africa Business Report, BBC World News

But not everyone is so lucky. Truven Health Analytics' research shows that on average women with employer-provided commercial health insurance found that their insurance covered just over half of their total bills.

The new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, aims to extend health insurance coverage to people who lack it, including pregnancy and childbirth, but has been controversial.

Despite the high price of healthcare, the US has a surprisingly high infant mortality rate compared with other developed countries - the fourth highest of the 34 members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD.

The OECD does note that the US rate may be higher than in other countries due to "a more complete registration of very premature or low birth weight babies", but also states that the reduction in the infant mortality rate has been slower in the US than elsewhere.

Of course the situation is very different in developing countries where simply getting access to effective healthcare is still an issue for many. However, it is quite a basic service. About two years ago, there was a case of about six newborn babies dying at a public hospital on the outskirts of Johannesburg, because the hospital had run out of antiseptic soaps to clean the babies in their cots.

Rural areas are even more vulnerable. South Africa has one of the highest income inequalities in the world so the quality of birth is also a function of wealth and class.

With the history of racial segregation, that inequality also has racial overtones. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionIn India, some employers are now offering more support for parents Shilpa Kannan, BBC News, Delhi For poor people in India government hospitals are the main choice.

Her, the tests, hospitalisation and delivery of your baby are free of charge. For those who can afford it private hospitals come at a cost, though these costs can vary widely. But most urban, working parents would choose hospitals that generally charge 75, rupees for normal deliveries andrupees for Caesareans.

This doesn't include the cost of check-ups, ultrasounds, tests during the nine months in the run-up to the birth.

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For most middle-class working parents, medical insurance would cover up to 50, rupees of delivery costs. The worrying trend in cities here is that birth by Caesarean sections have increased dramatically. Doctors and parent groups feel many of them are unnecessary and are mainly done because they are costlier and bring in more money for the hospitals.

africa business report lerato mbele south

Prof William Haseltine, president of ACCESS Health International and a former professor at Harvard Medical School, thinks the answer is France - which provides universal health coverage through social health insurance contributions from employers and employees.

Patients pay their medical bills and are reimbursed by sickness insurance funds. What about a close second? The compulsory saving programme is called Medisave, into which employers and employees contribute a certain percentages of their salaries every month.

The Singapore Healthcare Story. It also means that Singapore is better situated to handle an ageing population, which has resulted in ballooning healthcare costs in other developed economies.

There are still out-of-pocket payments to be made, however, which critics says are too high and make it difficult for low-income families.

Whatever the merits of Singapore's system, though, what works for a city-state of 5.iReport South Africa – South Africa's first-biggest news website, published by KS Web Link – is the home of the group SA Student 2 Business providing breaking news, analysis, sport, entertainment and lifestyle seven days a week.

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Mbele is presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News. Lerato Chabangu: Lerato Chabangu (born 15 August in Tembisa, Gauteng) is a South African football (soccer) striker and midfielder for Premier Soccer League club Moroka Swallows and South Africa.

Aug 08,  · BBC World News After an experiment lasting just over a year, Lerato Mbele who joined the Newsday radio show of BBC World Service in June is returning to television from 5 October as the presenter of a new show on BBC World News (DStv / TopTV ), Africa Business Report.


Lerato Mbele is presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News television. She joined the BBC in She joined the BBC in Prior to that, Ms Mbele served as a Senior Business Anchor for CNBC Africa.

Lerato Mbele. Presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News. Lerato began her journalism career in at South Africa's state-owned broadcaster The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

She eventually served as an anchor for the channel's daily news show News at 10 and also fronted the weekly show The Ambassadors. Communication specialist Lerato Mbele wants to put business in Africa firmly on the map when she joins Africa Business Report on BBC World News.

As a foreigner I could add no value to BBBEE A Fin24 user tells how she beat the odds to succeed as a highly educated foreigner in South Africa.

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